The power management system: DS-06, is a complete switchboard and generator control system. It handles various configurations of generators driven by diesel engine, in combination with switchboards of various complexity. The PMS is an independent and fully autonomous stand-alone system. It consists of dedicated PMS control units. The PMS control units are door mounted in the Generator sections of the Main Switchboards. The PMS control units’ interface with the engines, generators, main switchboards, and other generator systems. The DS-06 PMS is controlled via the local control panels of the PMS control units.

The power management system is an integral part of the DS-06 Alarm & Monitoring marine automation system. Control is done by the distributed process units and the operator interaction from interactive color graphic pictures on the remote operating stations, or locally from the local operating station.

The SELCO C6200 Gen Controller provides load depending on start and stop, automatic synchronization and active / reactive load sharing for one diesel generator (3 phase). The C6500 FlexGen User Interface unit can be connected to any FlexGen controller through the RS232 serial link. The user interface is designed for mounting in the switch panel door. It furnishes a large back-lit display showing all electrical measurements and control parameters. Mitsubitshi’s IQ Automation Platform is the enabling hardware for our e-Factory concept. This is an automation strategy developed from our own global manufacturing expertise. 

The IQ’s key benefits are: Minimized TCO (total cost of ownership), Seamless integration., Maximized productivity, Transparent communication.