The sales department of DL AUTOMATION  cooperates with a wide network of partners and agents around the world and is ready to propose appropriate solutions to any problem you experience not only in Greece and across Europe but also in countries outside it (such as China, Korea, India, USA).

The DL AUTOMATION  also undertakes to respond directly offering specialized technical personnel and necessary spare parts.

Knowing and recognizing the requirements for boat support, ALWAYS respond immediately and consistently.

Below we present some of the parts which can offer:

1. Sensors PT-50, PT-100, PT-1000
2. Pressure Transmitters / Switches
3. Temperature Transmitters
4. PLC SAIA and Siemens
5. Analogical & Digital SAIA Cards
6. UTI Tapes
7. Samplers (e.g. Hermetic, MMC, Tanktech)
8. Pneumatic Valves / Actuators
9. Fire Alarm Systems (e.g. AUTRONICA Fire & Security)
10. Navigation Equipment
11. Switches
12. Flow meters
14. Servo motor