DS-06 is a PLC based and fully configurable Marine Alarm & Monitoring system, customized in every ship’s requirement (passenger ships, tankers, container ships, cargo, bulk, Ro-Ro, ferries, fishing, coastal vessels, special vessels etc). It can handle from 8 to 10.000 I/O points. Due to its modular design, the system suits from the lowest to the highest complexity of installations. It is a common platform which can provide integration of alarm & monitoring, as well as advanced process control & power management.

DS-06 is a complete solution for medium and large vessels. Monitoring and Control system is proven to be reliable and robust. It is a PLC based system with the ability either to be a simple Monitoring system or a fully Automation Control system.

PLC usage gives various advantages to our system:

  • Long life for the hardware and its components.
  • MTBF (mid time between failures) is very long.
  • Easy and rapid replacement of faulty parts.
  • Usage of industry standard equipment guaranties a not “obsolete situation”.
  • PLC maintains the actual data base and thus Independent of PCs that have a tendency to break often.
  • This system can operate not only as a monitoring, but also as a control system. Being immune to the break down of the supervisory system, the local PLC will operate until the main system is restored.
  • Especially for control systems, the local PLC maintains all the necessary algorithms (program) and it will continue to function, even if the supervisory system fails. Also by the use of local terminals or touch screens the user may change the parameters, if necessary.
  • Supports all known communication protocols and has the ability to develop any protocol on customer’s request.
  • It is fully distributed system by the use of secure protocol over Ethernet or RS – 485 based communications, guaranties secure data communication in harsh environments.
  • Full redundancy is possible by use of double independent lines on customer’s request.
  • Low power consumption, use of Fail Safe Power Supply with battery back up feature and power good relay contact.
  • The new feature of web server gives the opportunity to the PROGRAMM to be implemented in the PLC, offering a fully robust and fail safe system.
  • Cyclic operation of paired equipment to achieve equal Working hours.
  • Anti blocking Function of valves – pumps.

With DS-06 Alarm & Monitoring system ship’s officers have a clear view of all basic alarms and status information to maintain safe and efficient operation of the ship’s equipment.

DS-06 Alarm & Monitoring system is accompanied with a Five (5) year worldwide warranty period of spares replacement and labor, beginning from its initial startup. The warranty does not cover any malfunctions caused by improper use, lightning, overvoltage or vandalism. Furthermore, the system is fully accompanied with the International Shipping Regulations.