Autronica Fire Detection and Measurement Control

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Autronica Fire Detection and Measurement Control

A sample of Autronica Fire Alarm spare parts listed below :

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[li_item icon=”fa-check”]Optical smoke detector BH-300[/li_item]

[li_item icon=”fa-check”] MultiSensor BHH-320 [/li_item]

[li_item icon=”fa-check”]Heat Detector BDH-300[/li_item]

[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Smoke Detector BHH-31A [/li_item]

[li_item icon=”fa-check”]Manual call point with SelfVerify BF-300V2[/li_item]

[li_item icon=”fa-check”]Manual call-point BF-300[/li_item]

[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Heat detector with SelfVerify – BD-501[/li_item]

[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Heat detector BD-26Ex[/li_item]

[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Smoke Detector Head BHH-31AEx[/li_item]



The product range from Autronica consists of Panels, Heat Detectors, Smoke Detectors, Flame Detectors, Pressure Transmitters, Temperature Sensors, Manual Call Points and many more.

DL Automation  can supply Autronica products and spare parts. Due to our large stock we are able to supply most of the Autronica equipment in a short period of time against competitive prices.