The scope of Projects on board, were included inspections & installations of various Automation/ Electrical & Pneumatic Systems from our technical team, which the most importation, are listed below:

  • Retrofit of Alarm & Monitoring System
  • Installation of Safety System at the Diesel Generators
  • Construction & Installation of New panels for Main Engines
  • Inspection & Service of Vessel’s Boiler
  • New Extension PLC Units Installation
  • Installation of new wiring for the base bearing temperature indicators of the 4 – Main Engines and the 2 reducers
  • Replacement of old cabling at the Ballast Valves’ Motors & Bilges Sensors
  • Re-Cabling & programming of Water Ballast Tank
  • Replacement of old cabling of Heeling’s Valves of Diesel Generator
  • Heeling Tank Port / Heeling Tank STBD / Aft Peak
  • Bilge & Ballast Valves

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