The marine automation system is designed to meet the challenging demands of shipyards and ship owners. Configuration 8 to 10.000 I / O points. The technical design allows the system configuration to particular requirements, covering the entire spectrum of high high performances of ALARMS systems. Full Compliant with regulations. The automation system complies with the requirements of IMO, the International Rules and meets the Class of Ships UMS (UNMANNED MACHINERY SPACES).

The system is designed to be acceptable to all regulations and laws, and all units that complement an approved type.

Systems Applications
– Alarm and monitoring system
– Auxiliary control
– Ballast automation
– Cargo automation and control
– Heating Ventilation and air – conditioning
– Power management
– Reefer Monitoring
– Boiler Automation

Applications to most type of Ships
The system is based on a single automation system, each ship configuration built on the already used communication devices on a double S-bas and Ether S Net LANs.

The shipping Automation System configured for most ship types including tanker, container ships, cargo, bulk, and RO-RO, ferries fishing and Coastal vessels and other special purpose ships.

The ultimate purpose of the system is to give competent ship all the main alarms along with their status information required in order to maintain safe and efficient operation of machinery and other necessary equipment.