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• Study of the customer specification for the Conversion of the existing Electrical Systems and the Installation of new (modern technology) Equipment.

• Detailed design using latest version of AutoCAD, and other  specific software to produce complete set of drawings before the start of works and as build drawings at the end of the project.

• Qualified technicians supervise and check every detail and the progress of works on board in order to complete the undertaken Project according to specification.




Conversion of existing and/or installation of new Electrical Equipment such as:

• Bridge remote Control

• Alarm & Monitoring Systems

• Auxiliary Control

• Ballast Automation

• Cargo Automation & Control

• MSB Power Management

• Maneuvering & Pneumatic Systems

• Boiler Automation

• Reefer Control

• Main and Emergency Switchboard Construction and  Installation

• Panel Building, Distributon Boards and Motor Starter

• Transformer Supply and Installation

• Batery Charger Supply and Installations

• Motors and Starter Installaton and Repairs

• Shore Connection Panel Construction and Installation

• Cabling Installation

• Boiler Automation

• Lightng and Power Systems Design and Installation

• Navigation Lights Supply and Installation

• Fire Detection System Supply and Installation

• Engine Control Room Automation

• Bilge Alarm System Supply and Installation

• Doors Automations (Fire Doors, Sliding Doors etc.)






Annual Maintenance

Actuator Repairs

Valve Repairs





• Megger Test

• Cleaning

• Insulation

• Rewiring

• Certification


DS-6 Alarm & Monitoring System

DS-06 is a PLC based and fully configurable Marine Alarm & Monitoring system, customized in every ship’s requirements (passenger ships, tankers, container ships, cargo, bulk, Ro-Ro, ferries, fishing, coastal vessels, special vessels etc).   It can handle from 8 to 10.000 I/O points.   Due to its modular design, the system suits from the lowest to the highest complexity of installations.   It is a common platform which can provide integration of alarm & monitoring, as well as advanced process control & power management.   DS-06 is a complete solution for medium and large vessels. Monitoring and Control system is proven to be reliable and robust. It is a PLC based system with the ability either to be a simple Monitoring system or a fully Automation Control system. 



DL can provide technical assistance to the owner regarding New Buildings through consulting services which take care of the owner requirements, ship's safe and cost effective operation and ship's compliance with International/National Regulations. It includes:

• Yard's Specification Evaluation

• Plans Review 

• Equipment Evaluation

• Trials and Testing

• Site Supervision



In regards to the section of the spare parts, we supply a wide variety (range) products such as e.g. Sensors Pt-100, Pt-1000 sensors, Pressure Transmitters, Temperature Transmitters, PLC SAIA and Siemens, Analog & Digital cards, UTI tapes, all kinds of Sampler and individual components (e.g., HERMETIC, MMC, TANKTECH), pneumatic valves (e.g. BOSCH REXROTH, NAPCO, WAPCO) pneumatic actuators (e.g. SMC), sensors for fire detection systems  (e.g. AUTRONICA Fire & Security), Kongsberg Maritime, Saia Burgess, Siemens. With a global network of suppliers from around the world, China, India, North America.


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